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Who Let the Trolls Out?!?


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For those of you who were not online tonight, in a location where a few of us have our homes, the trolls showed up. In force. And they were salivating for human flesh!

Hundreds and hundreds of trolls suddenly appeared from nowhere, invading homes, and spreading out in a wave of destruction. Needless to say, someone called the Neighborhood Watch, and we all headed out to handle this new menace.

Zaira, Drallam, Valan, and I (Jaelyn) mounted up, packed up reagents, drew weapons, and met the horde of trolls head on. With only a couple of player deaths, the trolls were plowed through, leaving bodies littered everywhere.

I don't know if this was an accident, planned, or maybe a certain person's idea of a joke, but it was fun. Thanks to those who helped protect our little neck of the woods (quite literally).

The Admirable Jaelyn
Master Mage and Grandmaster Stoic (stoic?!?)
(using Rax`Arnon's account)


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Anyone get screenshots? Darn wish i could have been there. was out all night :( i went and looked this morning whatever it was must have gone to bed because i did not see anymore. well glad you guys were there. Slohand

Of course I got screen shots. After having chickens invade my home so many times I have learned to keep my "print screen" finger at the ready!

Sadly I did not get a shot of them at Valan's house as I was busy fighting the hordes of Trolls, but once Valan's domicile was out of danger, I said (as I did after my first chicken home invasion) "Man I should have gotten a screen shot of that!"

As we separated to see where any stray trolls may have gone off to, we got the call again "TROLLS! HUNDREDS OF THEM!"

This time when I ran off I was ready for it... I ran straight into the mass and got the shot then of course, prudently ranaway again. I circled around to the top, ran in again and got another screen shot and ran away again. The rest of the time was spent fighting for my life.

Here are the two shots that show what we were up against.

What you cannot see here is all the trolls in between the two points I shot. It was definitely an evening to remember!


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Sure was fun, seems it all started when I cheesed of some valarite elementals after mandor killed the last stay one he headed back to the house to get some more banages as he opend the door a hord of trolls just spawned in and around my house, swang slashed and hacked my way clear with only 2 bandages left so call i did for help , and sure as i called the call was answered and my house was wiped clean of the troll menace,

after we all went is search for strays way to the west came another hord of trolls intent on plain wiping us meer mortals from this realm, so back into battle we went for the need to supress this mighty push from the troll minions, to wipe out mankind we just couldent fail so each and every troll lay dead before we rested, the land is safe once again but is it realy what other faul deads have the beast lord got in store ?


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And So It Continues ...

Well, whether it was Palasand's fault or not, it happened AGAIN tonight!!

Trolls galore began porting in from their alternative trollish dimension, bringing with them death and despair for some, fame and karma for most :D

So, as of tonight, I hold Palasand personally responsible for opening a rift in the fabric of dimensions and time, to have the trolls roll over Britain.

The (still) Admirable Jaelyn
Grandmaster Mage
and Stoic (still not sure what a stoic is)


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I am never around for the fun, sorry folks i could not be there, i have a huge project due on the 21st and spending most of my time working. i will be back in game soon as possible. meanwhile hold back the hordes of monsters that are threatening YSUO. Slohand
Good news! No massive troll spawings last night. I think we all enjoyed having a night to mine, collect wood, dance nakie in the forest and lick our wounds from the past few nights. Great screen shots Catti. Only one problem with them, we can't see your smiling face because of all the trolls. If it happens again push a few out of the way so you can get in the picture also. :D